2012 Goals Monthly Checkup

A month ago I posted my 10 goals for 2012.  It is still early in the year, but I wanted to take a look at my progress so far…to figure out where I need to step things up!

As a quick review, below are my 10 goals.  I have also placed either a pass or a fail beside each:

1. Get in shape. (FAIL)
2. Eat right. (PASS)
3. Grow my business. (PASS)
4. Finish my writing course (FAIL)
5. Publish something and get paid for it. (FAIL)
6. Expand my social networking reach. (PASS)
7. Grow my blog and bring in revenue. (FAIL)
8. Re-learn to code. (FAIL)
9. Home improvement projects (PASS)
10. Read more. (PASS)

OK, so as we can see I have five passes and five fails — but I think I should elaborate a bit to make things fair.

First of all, I definitely have not gotten serious about working out yet.  I haven’t had the motivation, and have simply skipped too many workouts.  I would say I have averaged two workouts per week — whether a cardio session on the treadmill or weights.  This is way below my goal of three cardio and three weight lifting sessions per work.  Need a lot of improvement here.

Eating right is a little easier because my wife is a great cook, and we eat pretty healthy for dinner.   I think my main problem if I do have one, is lunch.  I often bring sandwiches to work because they are convenient, but I know that if I cut out bread I can get in shape much quicker.  I also have to control my snacking.  But for the most part I eat pretty well.

Have I grown my business in the last month?  Well, its a little early to make much progress there, but I’d say I have indirectly, through goal #6.  Also, I am delivering a social media marketing seminar for the Community Development Corporation in March.

It is also too early to have finished my writing course.  I am giving myself the whole year to complete the course, but hope to finish it by summer. I have just completed assignment #2, however.  It involved writing a 1,500 word short story.  I am hoping to post the story on my writing page, in about a week — once I get it back from my instructor.  Along the way I do intend to enter one or more short stories into a competition and/or submit for publishing in a magazine.

Over the last month I have been focusing a lot of time on Twitter. I have been actively checking my twitter account, reading articles, retweeting, and posting more than I have in the past.  My followers have gone from 59 to 250 in that time.  I have a long way to go, but it is great to see instant results!  My initial goal was 200 followers, and my next goal is 500.  This will directly impact both my business and personal branding in the future.

Unfortunately, I have somewhat neglected my other technology blog — www.digitaladventures.ca during this time. It is very time consuming to run a blog, and since I have been supporting this site along with everything else, I have  not been able to put in the time writing about technology.  I need to improve in the future — especially if I want to increase readers, and revenue!

Re-learning to code is probably the goal which I have supported the least.  I started with good intentions, and even signed up with @codeacademy for free weekly lessons.  Unfortunately, I haven’t even finished the first lesson.  I simply haven’t had the time.  This will be a pretty ambitious goal…

I am waiting for summer before I tackle any major home improvement projects, however, I have already put up some artwork, and hung a number of pictures.  My dad and I replaced one of the baseboard heaters and will be installing a new thermostat for it. So just some little things so far, but definitely on track.

Finally, I had a goal to read more this year (ie. finish more books than I start) and I am definitely making progress here. Once I decided to get more involved in Twitter, I decided to read Twitter Power 2.0 by Joel Comm (click for my book review) which I had purchased a year ago — so I was happy that I could pick it up and finish it within a few weeks.  I am still reading multiple books at once — so it was nice to focus and get one done and out of the way.  I think a goal of one book per month would be reasonable, and hopefully more.

So there you have it.  One month into the year and I have made progress on half of my goals.  I definitely need some improvement, but I have made excellent progress in some areas.

Stay tuned for more progress reports and details as I progress along.  Thanks for reading!



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