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Today I participated in an IGNITE event at our staff day conference. Each person had 5 minutes to talk about a topic of their choosing. Topics included a recent trip to the Dominican republic to help a charity, an introduction to ToastMasters, and one person’s experience of becoming a singer and joining a rock band over the last year. They were all quite entertaining!

The topic I chose to discuss was “How to use Social Media to Promote Your Business or Yourself”. Because I juggle my day job with my entrepreneurial and writing activities, I find it easy and beneficial to utilize social media to promote my “personal brand” as well as my business. I received some great feedback from co-workers. Please take a look at my presentation.

Short Stories and Ignite

I’ve been getting quite a bit of reading done lately, which is good news for me.  In fact, I have finished three books already this year, with several more underway.  I have also been busy working on my next short story entitled “The Stain” (working title).  I hope to finish it this week and send in for grading.  As soon as I get it back I will post it on my Writer page.

Something else I am working on is a 5 minute “Ignite” presentation for our staff day at work.  The idea is you have 5 minutes and 20 slides to tell the crowd about something you are passionate about.  I will be presenting on using social media to promote your business or yourself!  I will be using some examples of what I do.  Maybe I will post the presentation!  Stay tuned…