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2012 Goals – Quarterly Checkup

It has been three months since my last “Goals for 2012” update.  I am happy to say, I have made significant progress on a number of fronts!  As per usual, I will list my original 10 goals with either a pass or fail, and we’ll see how I am doing so far:

1. Get in shape. (PASS)
2. Eat right. (PASS)
3. Grow my business. (PASS)
4. Finish my writing course (FAIL)
5. Publish something and get paid for it. (PASS)
6. Expand my social networking reach. (PASS)
7. Grow my blog and bring in revenue. (PASS)
8. Re-learn to code. (FAIL)
9. Home improvement projects (PASS)
10. Read more. (PASS)

Eight out of ten ain’t bad!  This is a real improvement from last time, when I had only 5 passes.  So let’s quickly take a look at each and I will explain.

I will combine 1 and 2 for simplicity.  I have been walking more, doing the treadmill more and hitting the weights more (although still not as much as I would like).  But most of my progress here is coming from dieting.  I have lost 7 pounds in the last 6 weeks or so.  My goal is to lose 12-15 pounds, so I am on track.  Hopefully I can increase my workouts and get back into a routine.

Growing my business.  Well, I have made some progress here.  First of all I sold my computer camps business, so this is a great step!  Next, I just relaunched my company website at — for the last few years it was my technology blog.  I have decided that I no longer have time to maintain the blog, so converted it back.  I will be doing some upcoming seminars/presentations including one on social media marketing in June.  But what has really been taking up my time is a book I am writing for young entrepreneurs.  My initial goal was to produce just an ebook on the subject, but now I am considering publishing it in print form.

I have had some preliminary discussions with a small publisher in the San Francisco, CA and hope to hear back soon on whether they would be interested in such a project.

Although I was making good progress on my writing course, I have been side-tracked by my other projects.  If I can finish up my other short story I will have completed assignment three out of eight.

Publish something and get paid.  Although not an article as I expected, I did publish my short story The Path on Amazon Kindle and actually sold a few copies!  In fact I wrote several posts about my experience creating and selling ebooks.  My experience with that project led me to finally start writing my young entrepreneur’s guide which I have been wanting to do for many years.

Expand my social networking reach.  As of tonight, I have 866 Twitter followers, up from 59 in January when I began my concerted effort to grow my follower base.  It has been an interesting journey…one that definitely requires effort.  I am still working on hitting my goal of 1,000 followers, and hope to hit this by June.  To break it down for you, it took me three weeks to hit 250, and about three months to hit 500.  But then it took only two weeks to hit 750, and two days to hit 800 followers.  How did I achieve the increase?  I started getting active on Twitter…retweeting several times daily, following new people — mostly authors and social media people.  Many of these people have followed me back, and I have also had many more people retweeting me as well, which tends to build your base.

Grow my blog and bring in revenue.  Well on one had, since I actually shutdown my blog it wouldn’t seem to make sense that I have a PASS for this one.  But actually, I have found that I tend to blog more on this site than I have on my tech blog for a while now.  And the traffic has been increasing to my personal site as well.  I had several ads up on my blog using Google AdSense and others but the results were minimal.  But I have already made some minor revenue from Amazon links on my personal site in the last month, so this is encouraging!

Re-learn to code.  This is still a big fail for me.  I just haven’t had the time to move on this one.  Luckily I still get emails from CodeAcademy prompting me to start my lessons!  So at least I know it’s not too late to start :).

Home improvements.  Now that spring is here and summer around the corner I have begun the yard work, and have moved all the summer furniture outside.  So the yard is starting to look pretty good.  Although I was planning on building a new shed in the next year or two, this plan has been moved up to next month.  With the quick thawing of snow this year, my shed was flooded and we lost a few items.  Now building a bigger shed and one that is off the ground is pretty much a priority.  I am looking forward to all the additional storage space.  I hope for this to happen in June.

And finally the goal to read more.  This is one goal which I have unequivocally excelled at.  So far this year I have read 10 books!  Although I have always enjoyed reading, I admittedly struggled to finish books in the past.  Between the  busyness of life and that fact that I tend to jump from book to book without finishing, I have only ever read a fraction of my library of books.  But I seem to have taken this goal very seriously!

The books I have read this year so far include:

Twitter 2.0 – a great intro to Twitter (see my book review)
The Start-up
The Start-up – The Anti-Social Network
The Start-up – Beautiful Code
Me 2.0 – a book on personal branding
Moonlighting on the Internet
How I Sold 1 Million Ebooks in 5 Months
250 Ways to Promote Your Book
Asylum Lake – a spooky thriller by R.A. Evans
You are a Writer (Now Start Acting Like One)