Creating Kindle eBooks

Making ebooks can be frustrating! I have spent the last several days messing around with different ebook converter software, and importing combinations of file formats such as Word Docs, PDFs, RTF, and ODT documents into Amazon Kindle’s converter software. Everytime I get an ebook output in which the document’s formatting is all messed up.

I can’t believe how many hours I have spent messing around with this! I even started to consider using one of those online companies which will do the formatting for you…for a fee of course. But maybe it would be worth it. Especially if the product was perfect!

But before I went that route I decided to try one last thing. I have been getting blasted with email solicitations to upgrade my Serif PagePlus X4 desktop publishing software, and I remembered seeing something about creating ebooks in the last email. So I did a search for Serif in my email and voila, the last email I received from Serif was three days ago!

Sure enough one of the many new features of version X6 is to create ebooks from your documents. Success! I watched the demo and it looked incredibly easy. So I have decided to upgrade. If this weekend was any indication, I will need to produce a number of ebooks in the near future and beyond…and I need an easy way to do it! I prefer to keep control, as opposed to relying on someone else or a company to do the conversions and formatting.

So I am currently downloading the update, and should know within the hour whether or not PagePlus X6 will do the job! I will keep you posted on the results!

What tools do you use to create ebooks?


  1. lilyshan says:

    I usually convert epub or pdf to mobi format, then read them on kindle , of course I used a all in one ebooks converter, so I can convert epub or pdf books to mobi format, maybe you can have a try——–Epubor ebooks converter

  2. Let me know how you get on, I’ve tried a few different things but nothing has come as close as manually formatting books for me and my clients.

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