Friendly Neighbors

Well, last night we got a call from a neighbor, who we had not met before.  We were invited over for a dinner get-together with eight of the neighbors — most of who we had not met before.  Because of the size of our yards and the fact that they are deep and a little secluded, we don’t see many of the neighbors out and about.  We only knew our neighbors to the immediate left and right of us.

We had a great time — and it was so nice of the others to think of us, and include us in the festivities!  We look forward to many more “neighborhood parties” in the future!

Kristy and I are really looking forward to 2012 — looking to really enjoy our summer on the water this year!  Last year was a blur due to the wedding, but this year we will be able to relax, enjoy the sun and get out on the lake!  Can’t wait for summer now.


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