Ten Goals for 2012

Goals are important. We should all have goals to improve ourselves and accomplish new objectives. Well, the new year has begun and I have a number of goals I’d like achieve. I list them below, in no particular order:

1. Get in shape. I will admit I’ve let things slide over the last year! I have found it tough some days to workout when I get home from work, but I’ll be trying harder from now on.

2. Eat right. This goes along with getting in shape, but at the same time needs to be a lifestyle change as well. Not that I eat terribly — but I just want to make more of a concerted effort. My wife will be a big help with this one!

3. Grow my business. It can be tough building a business, especially when you work full time. Since idling my summer computer camp program, I have focused more on consulting and writing. I was fortunate to land a great project in 2011, to complete a feasibility study for a small business incubator in Sault Ste. Marie. I found that I really enjoyed the work and the challenge. I’d like to do more of this work in 2012.

4. Finish my writing course. In September 2011 I enrolled in an online short story/novel writing course through The Writer’s Bureau in the UK. The course provides 10 modules, and eight graded assignments. I have only completed assignment one, but intend to ramp it up with the goal of completing the whole course this year.

5. Publish something and get paid for it! I have written numerous articles in the past for newspapers and a local youth magazine, but I’ve never been paid for my work. I’d like that to change in 2012. Once my course is complete (or while completing it) I’d like to either have an article or short story published, and get paid for it.

6. Expand my social networking reach. I already use many of the most popular social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But this year I want to grow my listener base — especially on Twitter.

7. Grow my blog and bring in revenue. My blog www.digitaladventures.ca has grown over the past year, but I’d like to continue growing my readership and also increase advertising revenues. Many of the things I have tried to date are experiments, and now I’m ready to take things to the next level!

8. Re-learn to code. It’s been ten years since I finished my computer science degree. Since that time, excluding a few years of web design work, I haven’t been involved with programming of any sort. I never had traditional computer jobs after graduating. Instead, my web design business led to other business related positions (I have two business degrees as well) and therefore I did not have the time to continue the art of computer programming. I recently signed up with the @codeacademy for free weekly lessons and hope to get back into some coding soon!

9. Home improvement projects. We moved into our waterfront home just over a year ago. The first thing we did was totally gut and re-do the kitchen. The difference is night and day! We are very happy with the results. But there are several other improvements on my list including putting hardwood flooring on the main level, building a new, larger storage shed, building a dock, expanding our bedroom balcony, and painting/redecorating certain rooms. Of course all of these projects will take time and money…but I hope to complete one or two this year and the rest sooner than later.

10. Read more. I enjoy reading and learning — I always have. But I am sometimes challenged to complete the books I begin. Often times after beginning one book, I stumble up new books which I am excited to read as well. As I write this list of goals, I recently completed the biography of Steve Jobs while having four other books on the go! While I may not be able to change this habit, I would like to ensure that I complete every book I begin.

My wife has recently begun reading more since I gave her my NookColor, and we enjoy reading together. This has made finding reading time easier, as we can still spend time together while enjoying a good book!

So there you have it, ten of my goals for 2012. I look forward to completing each and every one! What are your goals for 2012?


  1. You forgot the goal of being a good husband. Five months of training have gone well so far, but you still have a ways to go. LOL
    Goal #11. I will be the best husband ever. I will do the dishes, garbage, driveway, and especially massage my wife’s shoulders without her having to ask. I will bring little presents for no reason and tell her how much I appreciate her.

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